Thursday, 6 November 2008


Welcome to the Disney Digest, what will hopefully become a place for people to stop off and learn all the latest news about the Mouse House. In order to make the Disney Digest a bit different from all the other Disney news havens around the web, we hope to not only bring news of the latest films and trailer, but also to dig up gossip from films past. Point out interesting treasures discovered in deep corners of the web. Also as well as news we hopefully will provide articles and appraisals, often reappraisals of classics from the Disney vault some beloved, some little known.

Also hopefully we'll allow the live action films, shorts and theme parks to shine, as they often get buried under the hype for Disney's animated output.

Naturally things will be a bit slow to start til we get enough followers, but stick with us and hopefully we can bring you some news before other sites get their mits on it!

If anyone has any direct questions or comments or maybe you've found an interesting piece of Disney memorabilia you want to share with the world or maybe you've stumbled across some treasure on youtube let us know. Maybe you're a budding Disney fan and have an article or a story or gem of Disney history you wish to share. Get in touch and let us know at !

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